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College & Career Counseling

IMPACT Helps Answer Life Questions; What School? What Career?

More in College, Fewer Graduate
A recent study found that earning a college degree in 4 years is no longer the norm. Nationally four-year colleges graduated an average of just 53% of entering students within six years. About 2 in 5 students completed a  bachelor's degree within four years after entering college.That means more time and more money!!!

We specialize in aptitude based college and career counseling designed to help individuals:
DECIDE what type of job they want

DETERMINE the skills they would need

DISCOVER ways to acheive these skills

SELECT the appropriate college and/or major

Our comprehensive testing program evaluates: interests, aptitudes, personality, career temperament and intellectual functioning.

Let IMPACT point you in the right direction. Our goal is to help YOU navigate through the entire college application process. For the non college bound student...let us help YOU wiith alternatives.