IMPACT Counseling, LLC Benjamin A. Leibowitz, Ph.D.

Counseling & Psychotherapy

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Individual, Group, Marital, Family, Sex Therapy

With over thirty years of experience, Dr. Leibowitz is influenced by the existential view. He believes that patients can exercise freedom to choose their future, and that the quality of the patient/therapist relationship is critical for a successful therapeutic outcome. In his practice Dr. Leibowitz uses a variety of techniques; surveys, questionnaires, and experiential exercises to help individuals gain self-awareness. It is his belief that introspection leads to awareness, which in turn encourages behavioral experimentation, thus promoting and reinforcing personal growth and change.


Group Therapy:


A program designed to provide an educational experience through small group interaction for the promotion of individual growth and development. The objectives is to gain a better understanding of how we interact and communicate with others and to learn the necessary communication skills that foster positive interpersonal relationships and personal satisfaction. Building self-esteem and enhancing one's self-image is a primary goal of our Human Relations Training..


Designed to give participants an opportunity to assess their beliefs, attitudes and values regarding the psychological aspects of human sexuality. Most of us wonder what sex is like for others. The goals then is to STOP being ashamed about our confusion and guilt, and allow ourselves to ask open questions to determine what is considered "NORMAL" in an intimate sexual relationship.